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Night Manta Ray Tour

Swim with Manta Rays

Quick Details

Use code “save10” to save $10 on Adults when booking four days in advance!

Adult Ages 13+ (book early and save!)
Ride Along No snorkeling

Discover the World of Manta Rays

Manta rays are remarkable. They are BIG: 12-16 feet wide. Mantas are graceful; guests are mesmerized by their underwater ballet. With their large wings, they perform somersaults. Finally, Mantas have odd large mouths and two attached “paddles” designed to gather plankton, and they allow you to view inside the Manta and see through the gills.

Come see these amazing gentle giants at night! They are attracted by bright lights, so our flashlights lure them to us after sunset. Manta sightings typically occur on about 80% of our trips.

Tours Include:

  • Bright flashlights
  • Good quality masks, snorkels, and fins